The Orinoco is not just any kind of river, it is the third most important river of the world and definitely very important to Venezuela. Into it flow at least 2.000 rivers and streams, big and small, while it crosses the country from the far south-west to the Atlantic Ocean.

Its a perfect home for all kinds of animals as well as Moriche palms and other tropical plants. It is common to see Monkeys, Herons, Terns, Caymans and a great variety of insects and spiders, and with some luck one of the rare Manatees or Jaguars.

The people who live here are the Warao Indians, who have built their huts on stilts above the water (Palafitos)



excursion of 3 days and 2 nights

First day:
A fast boat will take us from Tucupita in a bout 1 ½ hours to the camp - Orinoco Delta Lodge. After arrival lunch is served, followed by a short rest. Activities for the afternoon may be a choice of either Piranha fishing, a swim in the bay in front of the camp or just enjoying the beautiful surroundings. Late afternoon we'll take a boat ride to watch the spectacular sunset and get to know the lively Dolphins (Toninas) of the Orinoco.

Second day:
Very early in the morning you'll be awakened by a pretty noisy concert of the many birds from the jungle around us. Breakfast is served and off we go to an exciting trip discovering the remote corners of the Delta. On our way we pass many communities of the Warao tribe as well as multiple small channels and islands. It is here where you'll appreciate the rare fauna and meet up with animals like monkeys, snakes, and a great variety of birds such as Macaws and Parrots, and many others. For hiking into the jungle we furnish boots to all participants. As we arrive at a very simple but typical Warao-Camp, we'll be served lunch. Around 4:00 pm we return to our Camp where dinner awaits us at 8:00 pm.

Third day:
Breakfast at 08:00 am. Boat will leave for Tucupita during the morning. Until departure all tourist may do any activity in our installations.

  •  Attendance to the passenger from the mouth of Uracoa
  •  Transport fluvial
  •  Lodging in cabins . All the foods, non alcoholic drinks. 
  •  Bilingual guide


We suggest to bring the following equipment with you: Soft bag or pack (please no suitcases) with a maximum weight of 10 kg per person, cotton shirts or t-shirts, long pants, shorts, light jacket or pullover, comfortable shoes, several pair of socks, rubber sandals, raincoat, flashlight, swimwear, towel, biodegradable soap and shampoo, sun block lotion, insect repellent, hat or cap, camera and film, personal hygiene and medicine items.


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