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Ecological sanctuary! Safari photo in the region of the big plains, the Llanos, the spirit of Venezuela, territory of cowboys but before all refugee of a countless diversity of animals that make of it the most beautiful and surprising ecological sanctuary in the world. Accommodation in a real hacienda of the Llanos, where hospitality and authenticity of host will make your stay unforgettable.

Tour across the Andes of Venezuela by 4x4, on muleback and on foot. the warm welcome of the inhabitants, the numerous legends going around the region, the great variety of stupendous landscapes. Everything is combined to offer you a great vacation. as well, the natural jacuzzis surrounded with luxuriant vegetation and the stay in a coffee plantation are a grat moment of this adventure. And don't forget to have a look at the handicraft throughout the trip.

This tour will make you discover the majestic Orenoque in one of the wildest lands. The state of Amazonas. Through the tropical forest, you will navigate in pirogue and its pure waters from which huge rocks of black granite coming out of the waters, typical of the region. Through this initiative approach, you will get close to the Cerro Autana without ever touching it, as it is a sacred mountain until you reach the Cerro Guahari, its close neighbour.

The Pearl of the Caribbean, island discovered by Chrstopher Columbus during his 3rd voyage. Its wonderful beaches of white sand and turquoise waters make this place heavenly. Margarita has also many other treasures that we will be pleased to make you discover throgh our excursions a place you can't miss, the lagoon of Restinga, the refuge of thousands of birds, the ancient town of Asuncion and its manuments,but also Porlamar and its duty-free shops.Ready for the spending spreel

Multicoloured colonial village, situated at the bottom of the National Park Henri Pittier and surrounded by coconut palms beaches, will seduce you, territory of the best Cacao in the world according to all great French Chefs. It is also and at first a small village for fishing- men where life is good, and where, on Saturday's nights, the drums bewitch the inhabitants with Africans rhythms.

The National Park of Morrocoy, located in the Caribbean Sea, made up of about ten small islands, at first is a vast marine reservoir. The sight starts in eaeth with the beaches of coconut palms and withe sands which come off the transparent waters.It will continue in the air with the incessant ballet off frigates and pelicans,which may irresistibly draw your attention to that great natural aquarium. The plus sign? You will enjoy a particular attention at the Posada Morrokue situated in front of the sea.

At the most eastward point of the National reserve of Canaima is the highest tepuy, The Roraima (2810 m). This tabular mount is sacred to the Pemons indians that see it as the Mother of All the waters, the water from its summit pour into the regions main rivers the Esquibo, the Orinoque, the Amazone. The Roraima is situated on the 3 territories of Guyana, Brasil, of which it is the highest point and mostly Venezuela. the many misteries of this regions have inspired Sir Conan doyle's famous book telling the story of a scientific expedition through a South American region where dinosaurs had survived " The Lost World".

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